BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance Consultation

The BC Milk Marketing Board (Board) conducted a consultation with the support of the BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) that will be used to develop an effective long term quota allocation and governance policy. The Board developed a Discussion Paper (Stage 1) in support of the consultation, and welcomed the participation of all industry stakeholders and interested members of the public. Click on the links below to see the initial discussion paper, further resulting discussions, consultation summaries and the final report (April 15, 2014).

BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance Consultation - FINAL - April 15, 2014

BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance - Quota has no value discussion - Stage 2

BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance - Finding Solutions - Summary Slides - Stage 2

BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance - Finding Solutions - Discussion Paper - Stage 2

BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance - Discussion Paper - Stage 1

BCMMB QPGR Regional Consultation Meeting Report - Summary of Findings

Quota Consultation Summaries by Region

The Process

The Board invited the participation of all dairy producers, processors, vendors, and other dairy industry stakeholders in the review. Since residents of BC have a broad public interest in the province's regulated dairy industry (as consumers of the province's high quality dairy products, employees and neighbours of the province's dairy farms, potential new entrants to the industry, etc.), members of the public were also welcome to participate in the review.

During Stage 1 of the consultation, the Board held a series of regional face-to-face listening sessions with dairy industry stakeholders in October 2013 and accepted written submissions in response to the Discussion Paper by mail, fax or email throughout October and November 2013. The Board completed Stage 1 of the consultation “Identifying Issues and Ideas” at the fall producer meeting held in Vancouver on November 29, 2013. The summary provided includes key themes that had surfaced at the face to face sessions and any written comments within the scope of the consultation.

BC Dairy Quota Policy and Governance November 29, 2013 Presentation

BC FIRB provided general supervisory expectations and guidance support of the BC dairy quota policy and governance review.

Supervisory Review and Expectations of BC Dairy Quota Governance November 22, 2013 Letter

Supervisory Review Decision-BCMMB Quota Governance Review-September 23 2014

In early January, the Stage 2 “Finding Solutions” discussion paper was released, following up on themes that had surfaced in Stage 1 of the consultation and offering quota policy options for review and consideration by all industry stakeholders. Further input was requested by the Board and written submissions from all industry stakeholders and the public was encouraged by e-mail, fax or mail until the deadline of January 31, 2014.

The Board has now completed the BC Dairy Quota Policy and Governance Consultation.  The Board would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide valuable input, whether in person at a regional meeting or by written submission. The Board submitted final policy recommendations to BC FIRB on April 16, 2014. BC FIRB is currently reviewing the consultation report and recommendations.  

Final policy information and decisions that may result from the process will be communicated to stakeholders and posted to the Board website in a timely manner. 

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