Powers and Duties Review of the BC Milk Marketing Board

In January 2014, in accordance with the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act (NPMA) and BCMMB regulations, the BC FIRB directed the BC Milk Marketing Board (Board) to conduct a review of the continued appropriateness and adequacy of the Powers & Duties of the Board and report its findings to BC FIRB.

The Board is required, every three years, to review its current duties, accountability of any delegated duties, and consider potential additional duties in order to provide sound governance in the best interest of the dairy industry and the public.

The BC Milk Marketing Board (Board) started its consultative review of the Powers and Duties of the Board with an Industry Survey in March 2014 and information on the Board’s website in April 2014 in order to seek input from producers and other stakeholders. The Board commissioned a Discussion Paper in support of the review, and invited all industry stakeholders and interested members of the public to participate. Click on the link below to see the discussion paper and further details. 

Powers & Duties of the BC Milk Marketing Board - Discussion Paper

Powers & Duties Summary MIAC April 7 2014 Session - As it was Heard Final

Powers & Duties Summary SPAC April 7 2014 Session - As it was Heard Final

Powers & Duties Summary BCDC April 8 2014 Session - As it was Heard Final

Powers & Duties Summary BCDA April 17 2014 Session - As it was Heard Final

Powers and Duties Review - Accepted - April 8 2015

How to Participate

The legislation requires an internal review consultation with MIAC, BC FIRB, and the Minister’s Ministry. In order to be transparent and inclusive, the Board also consulted stakeholders to develop best-balanced recommendations to BC FIRB.  

The Milk Board welcomed the participation of all dairy producers, processors, vendors, and other dairy industry stakeholders in the review. Since residents of BC have a broad public interest in BC’s regulated dairy industry (as consumers of the province's high quality dairy products, employees and neighbours of the province's dairy farms, potential new entrants to the industry, etc.), members of the public were also welcome to participate in the review.

In addition, the Board held a series of face-to-face listening sessions with dairy industry stakeholder advisory committees during April 2014 and accepted written submissions in response to the Discussion Paper by mail, fax or email throughout April and May 2014.  The deadline for submission was May 31, 2014.The BC Milk Marketing Board has now completed its consultative review and submitted its final review report to BC FIRB on June 25, 2014. Click on the link below to read the final report.

Final Powers & Duties Review Report  - June 25, 2014

BC FIRB provided general supervisory expectations and guidance support of the Powers and Duties of the BC Milk Marketing Board review.

Supervisory Review and Expectations of BC Milk Marketing Board Powers and Duties Review January 22, 2014 Letter

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